Day 5

The Possums’ Case – Court Diary June 2019

Day 5: Wednesday June 12, 2019

Before continuing the hearing this morning Justice Mortimer took a moment to very graciously record the Court’s gratitude to all those responsible for the organisation and conduct of yesterday’s view. She noted that the Court doesn’t see all the work put into an occasion like that but appreciates the effort involved.

After that, cross-examination by Mr Delany of Mr Paul continued and took us beyond lunchtime. This was followed by a brief re-examination by Mr Waller, before Mr Paul left the stand. Cross examination of Tim McBride, VicForests’ manager of Biodiversity Conservation and Research by Ms Watson (FLbP) then began and will continue tomorrow morning (Thursday). Time permitting, we will progress to examination of our second expert witness, Dr Andrew Smith.

The Court is maintaining a dedicated website for the case. Significant documents will be added as the case proceeds.
Court documents:

You are welcome to join us in Court and we will be glad to see you – Level 8 Court B. Proceedings begin daily at 10:15am; allow time to get through security. The court building is next to Flagstaff Station, so very easy to access.

Our final fundraiser is under way, to meet the expenses of presenting our powerful expert evidence and to cover Court and legal costs. Thanks to all those who have already helped us to get this far – we couldn’t have done it without you! Give generously here:

Thanks again for your interest and the many messages of support.


This photo shows ‘Flute’ one of the scheduled coupes visited on the View, agreed by experts from both sides to be, “As good as it gets”.

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