Day 6

The Possums’ Case – Court Diary June 2019

Day 6: Thursday June 13, 2019

We are just over half way through our hearing and, as it happens, also half way to our fundraising target (see details at the end of this post).

Today was a very interesting day with Ms Watson completing the cross examination of Mr McBride well before lunch. This left time to commence cross examination of Dr Andrew Smith, our expert witness focussing on Greater Gliders, by Mr Waller. Dr Smith’s evidence contained a great deal of interesting information.

Tomorrow, Friday, the hearing will commence at 9:30am, earlier than usual! We expect that the evidence of Dr Smith will be completed and he will be followed by Mr Davey, VicForests’ expert witness who participated in the View on Tuesday.

There was some discussion about the last few witnesses, who are expected to appear on Monday and Tuesday, before closing submissions commence. It is currently anticipated that the hearing will be completed on Thursday, 20 June.

The Court is maintaining a dedicated website for the case. Significant documents will be added as the case proceeds.
Court documents:

You are welcome to join us in Court and we will be glad to see you – Level 8 Court B. Proceedings begin daily at 10:15am; allow time to get through security. The court building is next to Flagstaff Station, so very easy to access.

Our final fundraiser is under way, to meet the expenses of presenting our powerful expert evidence and to cover Court and legal costs. Thanks to all those who have already helped us to get this far – we couldn’t have done it without you! Give generously here:

Thanks again for your interest and the many messages of support.


Greendale coupe – visited on Tuesday’s field trip.

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