Day 8

The Possums’ Case – Court Diary June 2019

Day 8: Monday June 17, 2019

This morning Mr Delany (FLbP) will complete cross examination of Dr Davey, commencing at the usual time 10:15am. We will then call our last expert witness, Professor Woinarski to give evidence relating to Leadbeater’s possum. VicForests will then cross examine Prof. Woinarski before calling their final expert, Professor Baker. This may extend into Tuesday and will conclude the verbal evidence phase of the hearing.

The two parties will then begin final submissions, with written submissions to follow at a later date. It remains expected that the hearing will be completed on Thursday, 20 June.

The Court is maintaining a dedicated website for the case. Significant documents will be added as the case proceeds.
Court documents:

You are welcome to join us in Court and we will be glad to see you – Level 8 Court B. Proceedings begin daily at 10:15am; allow time to get through security. The court building is next to Flagstaff Station, so very easy to access.

WONDERFUL NEWS! For our final case fundraising effort a generous supporter has offered to double donations received (to a set limit) so every dollar you give now will count as two dollars to our case. This will help us to settle the expenses of presenting our powerful expert evidence (money well spent!) and to cover the last few Court (essential transcripts) and legal costs. Thanks to all those who have already helped us to get this far – we couldn’t have done it without you! You can still support this historic case by donating here:

Thanks again for your interest and the many messages of support.


Tandberg – a fan of the Leadbeater’s Possum.

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