Court Case Written Closing Submissions August 2019


The Possums’ Case – Written Closing Submissions – August 2019

Ongoing updates on the Friends of Leadbeater’s Possum V VicForests Court Case – Written Submissions, August 2019


APPLICANT’S FILE(S) (Friends of Leadbeater’s Possum):

1/ Applicant’s Closing Submission [PDF]

2/ Annexure A: Applicant’s Closing Submission Greater Glider Coupe Table [PDF]

3/ Annexure B: Scheduled Coupe Table Sealed [PDF]

4/ Annexure C: Coupes Harvested Since 31 August 2018 with LBP or GG Sealed [PDF]

5/ Annexure D: Leadbeater’s Possum Coupe Table Sealed [PDF]



1/ Respondent’s Closing Submission [PDF]


Previous Activity: Court Case June 2019 [page]

Case Overview: Court Proceedings Introduction November 2017 [page]


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